1.9m Sublimation Roll to Roll Heat Transfer Machine

Roller heat transfer machine is used to print a design onto a garment, it represents the advantage of the speed and good effect in transfer printing.

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1. Large size cloth,fabric tape print 
2. Auto- position fix 
3. Accurate heating 
Three kinds of heat press machine for textile printing: 
* Flatbed heat press machine
* Rotary heat press machine
* 3D Vacuum heat press machine

roller heat press machine


Features of heat press machine : 
*Automatically fix the position of the cloth and the paper, suitable for printing rolling cloth, fabric tape or umbrella cloth and so on.
*Using new technology, import elements control, high accuracy.
*Accurate heating, automatic space, safe and durable.
*Heating wheel uses sealed conducting oil, it could be guaranteed. The temperature  is more even and durable. 

1. Clothing industry (sportswear, uniforms, uniforms, uniforms, swimsuits, diving suits, fashion, t-shirts, socks, denim)
2. Advertising industry (Guanggu Shan, banner, banner, advertising umbrella, advertising products)
3. Bed linen (sheets, sheets, quilt cover, mattresses, mosquito nets, curtains, mantle, pillowcases, pillowcases)
4. Household items (sofa sets, sofa mats, mats, pillow, pillow, curtains, shower curtains, towels, bath towels, dry hair towels)Outdoor products (tents, mountaineering bags, travel bags, sleeping bags)
5. Luggage shoes (luggage cloth, green bags, shopping bags, handbags, shoulder bags, non-woven bags, canvas shoes)
6. Jewelry accessories (scarves, scarves, scarves, shawls, gloves, wrist, masks, goggles, hats, hair bands)
7. Ribbon products (fence belt, hair band, belt, strap, elastic band, shoelace, shoulder strap, gift belt, pet belt.

1) The electric control adopts latest technology that allows separation of the machine body and the blanket automatic,with a power failure protection functions.
2) It is applicable to all over or piece hot press, with a 2-3 times higher work efficiency.
3) Electronic digital terminal temperature control and motor frequency conversion digital speed regulation, with highaccuracy (±1-2°C).
4) Drum surface with chrome plating, high hardness and good printing performance, wearable and stickiness-proof.
5) It adopts advanced oil-warming technology and liquid circular heat conduction, with even heating and high thermalconductivity.
6) External oil-filling tank and auto-close valve make it convenient to change heat transfer.
7) A design of pneumatic pressure system make rotary printing machine do perfect transfer.
8) Can let the blanket to be automatic correction, ensure the normal orbit, make the efficiency of heat transfer enhancementand the transfer quality guaranteed.

heat press machine

Machine breakdown handing : 

The machine could occur breakdown during it's working, breakdown handing can be divided into two types:un-stop working and stop working1.9m Sublimation Roll to Roll Heat Transfer Machine 



1. How wide is the machine?        

1.2M width, 1.7M width machine; 1.9M width machine

2. Does the Press rolls the Fabric once it is printed or you have to roll it on a different Machine?   

It can roll fabric after heat press, but we suggest you can roll it on other machine - roll yard machine to collect fabric  as attachment, coz when finished printed , the fabric still has temperature about 90-150, if Roll the printed fabric, the pattern become shape by pulled, and  color,fabric will affect , more important if  stretch fabric, we still advice to keep the stretch fabric in 5-6 hours after finished printing then roll it , or one night ,the color will more  perfect.

3. Are you able to print on dark Fabrics? If so how dark and on what contents? can it print on stretch goods?   

This press machine can press light color fabric,not dark fabric but can print on stretch fabric

4. How many yards or meters per hour?        

150-200 meters per hours, depend on the fabric and the transfer speed.

5. Do you supply Paper and ink and Parts?

We also offer sublimation paper and sublimation ink! We provide one-stop services!


Our Factory: 
sublimation company
   GetWin Industrial Co.,LTD. is located in Nanjing China. Professional produce Sublimation Ink, Sublimation Transfer Paper and Heat Press Machine for 13 years. In all of the world we have the customers including wholesaler and the end user having good feedback. In future We will continue to try our best to improve our technology, providing high quality products and service to meet clients. 
   Welcome to contact us if you want to know more about us.Thank you.

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