The Introductions of Dye Sublimation Process

                                       The Introductions of Dye Sublimation Process

    sublimation process
    Sublimation is a process whereby forbidden thoughts and emotions are channeled into productive

and often creative ends. Recent experiments and surveys have provided evidence for sublimation and

have also suggested variation, such that Protestants (compared with Catholics and Jews) were more

likely to minimize troublesome affect and displace it into creative work. Emotion per se did not induce

sublimation among Protestants; rather, it was the forbidden or suppressed nature of the emotion that

was important. Attending to the religious and cultural dimensions of thought and to dual-process

theories of the mind can help us understand responses to the human predicament of encountering

the forbidden.
     sublimation printing
    Dye sublimation is a process that uses a special heat sensitive dye to print graphics and text onto

paper, which is then transfered to the final substrate. The paper is then placed on a sublimatable item

(shirt, mousepad, plate, aluminum blank, plastic blank, etc.) and both are placed into a heat press for

about 40 seconds at 350-400 degrees, depending upon the type of material to trasfer the dyes from

the paper to the substrate.
    dye sublimation paper
    When the (sublimation) cycle is completed, the image on the sublimation transfer paper has

transferred to the item and has actually become a part of the surface. If you run your finger across the

surface of a sublimated plate you will feel nothing.

  sublimation paper roll

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