Advantages and disadvantages of Sublimation Transfer

                                           Advantages and disadvantages of Sublimation Transfer
sublimation transfer
    The sublimation transfer is the simplest and most effective method for applying pictures and high

quality images on a wide range of items. The image literally enters the article which provides a

perfectly homogeneous product to the touch and superior image definition. This means that the image

is then part of the product and is not just affixed above.

    The main disadvantage of the sublimation transfer is that it does not, in theory, to print on dark

items, the image becomes invisible. In practice, there is a paper designed for printing on dark

surfaces. That said, the problem of the difficulty of printing on a dark-colored article concerns all types

of printing (laser, screen printing, ...).
   sublimation printer
    The sublimation transfer is not done optimally on articles covered polymerizing product or polyester

clothing. Again, there are ways around this thanks to polymerizing spray product that can make any

item sublimable and special papers that provide sublimation transfer on cotton.

 Process of  Sublimation printing
This requires a sublimation printer, a special sublimation ink system and sublimation paper. Then simply select a picture and print it as for a standard print.

The heat transfer by:
Once the image is printed on paper it should be transferred to the chosen item by placing the paper in contact with the surface and heating it long enough to react the ink with the product surface (about 200C). This requires using a heat press.
sublimation paper

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