Fasion Green Fabric Printing Design with Sublimation Transfer Paper for This Summer

           Fasion Green Fabric Printing Design with Sublimation Transfer Paper for This Summer !
    sublimation printing on clothes
     As summer begins to heat up so should your wardrobe! Tropical patterns are hotter than ever this

season and they aren't just reserved for your next island getaway. Nature loving women are embracing

these hotter than nature prints in their everyday looks. Natural green palm prints, graphic black and

white leaf patterns as well as blue and white exotic foliage help bring you to the city streets. So lets get

you feeling like you are on the beach in paradise with this new summer basic!

    digital textile printing
     Dye sublimation printing—even digital dye sublimation printing—is not a particularly new

technology, but new systems and improvements in inks and substrates are allowing it to penetrate

into new markets and applications. Leading the way have been soft signage banners and other

display graphics, and the success of digital dye-sublimation printing in these areas has paved the

way for other forms of textile printing to adopt digital dye-sub. Like fashion. And while we often

associate fashion with clothing, furniture and other elements of décor are also part of the fashion

world, and digital is moving into these areas, as well.

    sublimation printing
     The print only what you need approach also has advantages in terms of inventory management:

retailers selling these collections don’t have to warehouse as much as they would of long analog

production runs.

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  heat transfer paper for sublimation printing

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