Dye Sublimation Transfer Ink for Sublimation Printing

                                      Dye Sublimation Transfer Ink for Sublimation Printing

    sublimation ink
     Sublimation is a digital printing method for a variety of hard surface products and also includes

printing onto polyester t-shirts. Because there is such a huge selection of items that can be printed

with sublimation, it is a very attractive printing option.

     With many digital cameras now, clicking photos is now a lot of fun and easy to pursue. But printing

truly stunning photos are not as simple or fun. Almost all of us will just turn to the photograph labs to

have our photos developed. Sure, you can print your pictures from an Inkjet printer, but the excellence

of the photo is from time to time compromised due to the limits of Inkjet printers. A dye transfer

sublimation ink printer can take out pictures that are as superior as the film based pictures that we

were on one occasion so accustomed to.

    sublimation blanks
     Dye sublimation ink is one of the advance ink which has been used on the dye sublimation paper.

Dye sublimation paper is the special kind of paper which absorbs the extra ink of the image after

printing. In Dye sublimation ink Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and over coat has been used instead of Cyan,

Magenta, Yellow and black. Black colour used to create shadow in the images which has been

replaced with over coat for the printing of special coated surface.

     ink for sublimation printer
     Dye transfersublimation ink was discovered in France by a guy named as Noel de Plasse in 1957.

He noted that a number of dyes sublimate when subjected to towering temperatures. One expansion

on the idea is the electrical sublimation of the 1980's. It made use of an electrical charge to transport

the pigment from the dye fabric into paper. It was still extremely expensive back then, and only some

people could manage to pay for it. Now despite the fact that, dye sub printers contend alongside Inkjet

and laser printers.

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