Disadvantages of Sublimation Paper Printing but Which is Still Popular on the Market

               Disadvantages of Sublimation Paper Printing but Which is Still Popular on the Market

    roll to roll heat press
    Substrates need to be polyester coated or made of polyester fabric.

    Substrates need to be white or light colored. You cannot print onto dark or black colored items.

    Printers tend to clog if not used for extended periods of time. With the introduction of Ricoh printers,

the clogging risk has been significantly reduced. However we still recommend doing a nozzle check

once a week.

    roll style sublimation paper
    Sublimation inks are relatively expensive compared with OEM inks. This will need to be factored in

when pricing your products.

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   sublimation paper roll
   Sublimation Paper is suggested for hard substrates on Large Format sublimation printers. All

sublimation papers “can” be used for hard sublimation substrates, but they do shrink when pressed

which can cause blurring or other issues with the sublimated image. The sublimation paper of

GetWin Industrial Co.,LTD. are high release papers which give a great image on sublimatable fabrics.

    With all the advantages of sublimation, it’s obvious why sublimation has become a very popular

method with digital decorators!

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