How to Choose the Best Heat Press Machine

                                                 How to Choose the Best Heat Press Machine

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    Heat presses can affect heat and pressure when doing transfers.  As a result, one of the most

important big ticket items you buy for your digital decoration business will be your heat press. When

you first start out or are looking to upgrade, make sure to ask the right question when purchasing a

heat press.

Choose the Right Size:

     One of the main differences is the size of the heat platen. Most standard heat presses come in

16×16 or 16×20 platen sizes.  The platen size determines the maximum image size you can press

onto your fabric. The standard size heat presses are sufficient for the majority of businesses as your

desktop printer or cutter probably cannot produce images bigger than that. Ensure you have the right

size for your type of images.
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     There are also two main types of heat presses. One is the clamshell model and the other is the

swing away model.  The Insta 138 is an example of your standard clamshell model and the Insta 228

is an example of your standard swing away model.   There really isn’t a right type here, it is just

personal preference.

Choose the Operation Method Better for You:

     Another major difference in a heat press is how it is operated.  There are heat presses that are Air

Automatic, Auto Release and Manual Heat Presses.  An air automatic press is basically a heat press

that is automatic in almost every way.  It automatically closes and opens the press using air pressure. 

You simply dial the pressure in and press a button and it will close and open after the pressing is

done.  An Auto Release Press is one that requires the user to set the pressure and manually close

the press, but when the pressing is done, the heat press will automatically open. 

    This is handy because there is no risk of it overcooking your items.  The last one is a manual heat

press which require the user to manually close and manually open the press when it is done.

manual heat press machine
Choose the Best Functions for You:

    Modern day heat presses are normally digital ones which display temperature and time on a LED

screen.  There are older models that will display temperature on a gauge and some require the user

to use a separate stop watch for the press time.  We recommend using a digital press because it is

much more accurate and consistent in measuring temperature and time.

Quality of Heat Press:

    Aside from the differences of a heat press, you should also consider the quality of the heat press. 

Ensure the heat press is well built and that it gives you consistent pressure and temperature.  Your

vendor should be able to give you a recommendation for a good heat press.  Also quality brands will

have warranties which will ensure that if it breaks during the period of the warranty, that the

manufacturer will fix the problem for you.

    Not only should you ensure the heat press is in good working order at the time of purchase, you

should consistently check that the heat press is in good order over time.  It is recommended that you

buy a heat gun to check for cold spots that may occur over time.

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