OEM Factory Price of Roll to Roll Heat Press Transfer Machine

                                 OEM Factory Price of Roll to Roll Heat Press Transfer Machine

roll heat press
    A heat press is the machine that presses a transfer onto an imprintable substrate. Using high

temperatures and specified pressures for a certain amount of time, the transfer is permanently

embedded into the product. Heat presses are available with various sized platens, with clamshell or

swing away heating elements, and with manual or automatic release features. Some heat presses

are created just for specific uses, like the cap or mug presses. The maximum print size of your printer

should match the platen size of your press.

    There are many kinds of modles of roll heat press machine.The following is an example of it:

    roll heat press machine
    Features of AIT7240IJO:

    1. 8" Diameter Drum.

    2. Production 0,91 m/min (1 yard/min) at 40 second dwell time.

    3. Automatic belt tracking system. No air is required.

    4. Oil heated cylinder with 2 electronic thermostats. One controls the oil temperature and the other,

the outside surface of the drum.

    5. Digital adjustable speed control.

    6. Automatic cool-down system turns off machine when temperature reaches 90°C.

    7. 2 Mechanical clutch unwinds for roll to roll.

    8. Electric Requirements 220/1 phase, 30 Amps.

    9. Average consumption 16 Amps.

    10 Belt size 120 cm (47").

    11. Net weight 800 kg / 1760 lbs.

    12. Dimensions 96 X 186 X 125 cm – 38" x 73" x 49".

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