What Materials Can and Can't be Used for Sublimation Printing

                               What Materials Can and Can't be Used for Sublimation Printing?

dye sublimation
    You can sublimation print onto a wide variety of items provided that the surface is suitable for

sublimation printing.

    We offer both 'hard' and 'soft' items that are suitable for sublimation printing - full details of our

extensive range can be found on our imprintables pages.

    Hard items include specially coated plaques, signs, placemats, coasters, tiles, mugs, metal and

keyrings. Soft items include polyester fabric, canvas, umbrellas, t-shirts, polo shirts, cushions, car sun

screens, pillowcases and more! A sublimation print on a suitable polyester fabric is permanent, feels

like part of the fabric with no 'hand' and will not crack, peel or fade.
sublimation printing

    Cotton fabric and garments - because dye sublimation printing is always done on a polyester,

polymer, or polymer coated items for the reasons mentioned above. It is possible to sublimation print

a cotton fabric but the image will wash out within a few washes, it will not be permanent image in the

way that it is on a 'man made' fabric. We offer a range of spun polyester t-shirts for sublimation printing

including the Vapor and Sublimshirt range of 'wickable' t-shirts in a range of colours and styles.
    sublimation ink
    Also unsuitable are other items that have a polyester/polymer coating but are unable to withstand

the temperatures required for dye sublimation printing.
dye sublimation printing

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