High Quality Factory Price Dye Sublimation Paper and Dye Sublimation Ink of Ink-sublimation.com

   High Quality Factory Price Dye Sublimation Paper and Dye Sublimation Ink of Ink-sublimation.com

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    Dye Sublimation Paper: 

    Dye sublimation transfer paper is the special kind of paper that used to absorb the sublimation ink

that has been used in graphic printing. For the printing of dye sublimation, CMYO colour scheme has

been used which do not produce the reflection on the image. The paper run through heated rollers at

400F. These heated rollers pressurized, and as teh cloth and paper goes through this process, the

dye has converted to gas. With the help of heat, the pores of the cloth has been tend to open up and

then filled with the gas form dyes and permanently embedded over the fabric. These are the best

transfer paper which has been get dyed only through the dye transfer sublimation ink. Graphic printing

on cloth is not limited to T-shirts but on graphic advertising displays as well. You can find this paper at

wholesale price with the different grammge. This paper is available in 85 gsm to 120 gsm, you can

pick any grammage paper as your settle budget.

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    Dye sublimate printing makes use of a CMYO ink set. This is parallel to CMYK, but instead of Cyan

Magenta Yellow Black, it uses Cyan Magenta Yellow Overprint. The overprint tops up black through a

number of chemical processes that I haven’t yet figured it out, but apparently, somebody has because

it works.

    This dye/ink is printed on a special paper known merely as dye transfer sublimation ink transfer

paper. This portion of the process is related to digital inkjet printing and is pretty identifiable in this

century as a benchmark style of printing.

    The paper and the dye transfer sublimation ink are then placed on to the pressure unit, which

comprises of rollers that heat to around 400ºF in this case in point (there are other flat units as well as

units that are being used for not flat items). They are then fed throughout the worked up rollers at a

deliberate rate of speed.

    More Info about Dye Sublimation,Click HERE.

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