The Moisture Levels Affect the Finished Sublimation Rresults

                                      The Moisture Levels Affect the Finished Sublimation Rresults

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    Why we need to be aware of how moisture in your imprintables? Because it can affect the finished


    The introduction of moisture into the sublimation process can cause unwanted results. During

production with a heat press operating at 200°C, moisture can flash to steam and literally blow the ink

away from its intended target. Some of the problems that are attributed to moisture include colour

shifting (colours lose accuracy), image bleeding and the uneven transfer of solid-filled areas.
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    Under normal circumstances, a small amount of moisture can accumulate in the transfer paper and

it's usually absorbed directly into the substrate during pressing. However, hard substrates like metal

and ceramic are unable to absorb excess moisture. Thus, it's important that you take steps to

minimize the introduction of moisture into the process.

    The first step is to protect the paper from moisture absorption. As a preventative measure, store

your paper in dry place. Consider a sealed container such as a re-sealable bag. If you suspect

moisture, set the paper on your press for a few seconds. Do not press it; just expose it to the warmth.

The heat radiating from the press should help evaporate most of the moisture.
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    Another trick is to use newsprint or butcher paper instead of a Teflon sheet. The paper will help

absorb moisture from the transfer sheet during pressing, whereas Teflon will not. Be sure to use a

fresh sheet of sublimation transfer paper for each pressing cycle.

    If you are working with garments or fabric, it's also possible that the substrate may contain some

moisture. Pre-pressing the garment for about 10 seconds should remove the moisture, as well as any

wrinkles in the fabric.

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