Cool Uses for Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper

                                                Cool Uses for Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper

    sublimation transfer paper
    Sublimation is a great professional way to personalize shirts, coasters, puzzles, mousepads and

more. It is similar to heat transfer, however it is a process where the image becomes an actual part of

the item. Sublimation uses special paper, ink and polyester-coated items that all react with each other.

When heated to high temperatures, sublimation ink turns into a gas and the pores of the polyester

coated item open up allowing the gas to enter. Then, once removed from the heat the pores of the

polyester item close up trapping the ink inside of the item. Sublimation items are smooth to the touch.

You won't be able to feel any image outline if you run your fingers across the sublimated item. The

color is so much more vibrant than the inkjet heat transfer paper it's ridiculous!

sublimation blank
    1. Create Unique Products

    When you use transfer paper you can print any image or saying on several different fabric surface. If

you are someone who likes to stand out in the crowd and be unique then this is the perfect way to do

that. Not only will you be able to create any design, but you also will be able to make it custom by

adding your name, favorite saying, or anything else that makes you feel special. Therefore you don’t

have to worry about wearing the same thing as someone else while out. The high quality paper

supplied is printable on any color fabric. The transfer paper will not bleed, peel, or fade in time, giving

you a long lasting personal product.
    sublimation products
    2. Create Team Gear

    If you are part of a sports team or any other team, nothing makes you all look official more than a

matching team uniform that represents your team. Heat transfer paper is the perfect paper to make

long lasting uniforms that are just as unique as the team itself. When you use heat transfer paper, you

not only can create personalized logos, but can put your team name and even the players’ names on

the items as well. In addition to players uniforms you can also create gear for the team sponsors and

fans as well. Making shirts for the fans to purchase is a great way for your team to earn money for new

items needed. Along with your ink jet printer, heat transfer paper is the best way to create custom

team gear for all those involved.

    3. Personalized Gifts

    If you want your gift to stand out from the rest, use heat transfer paper to make it happen. This paper

can transfer images to any absorb-able materiel. This is great for gifts. Some personalized gifts could

be blankets with pictures of family on it, totes sporting beach sayings, shirts with personalized

sayings, and even hats or retired army members. When you use your transfer paper to create

personalized gifts you can be confident that the person receiving your gift is going to love it and it will

be like none other.

sublimation mouse pad

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