The Definitions of Dye Sublimation Printing

                                                     The Definitions of Dye Sublimation Printing

    sublimation fabric printer

    Sublimation printing is a procedure for transferring full colour graphics or photographs onto a wide

selection of products.Sublimation printing is a process whereby full colour images, text and other

graphics can be transferred into a receptive item. The process relies on a specialised ‘dye

sublimation ink, which when heated changes from being a solid dye to being a gas, without passing

through a liquid stage. Taking this a step further, if this gas encounters polymer fibres as it moves, it

will penetrate those fibres, permanently dyeing them.


   sublimation transfer paper
    It came into being in the 1990s, after the development of the dye sublimation printer revolutionised

the way in which mass printing was done on fabrics. The technique is now widely used and the

equipment you need to perform it is readily available to suit most budgets.

    The products we supply are all polymer coated (or otherwise produced from polymer based

materials), and therefore sublimation ready. This range includes items such as ceramic mugs,

mousemats, acrylic photo blocks, trophies, awards and much more besides.

    dye sublimation paper

   The procedure for producing an item is quite simple. Firstly, artwork is designed on a standard PC,

using a graphics package like Photoshop Elements or CorelDraw. Next, you print the image, in

reverse onto Inkjet Matt Paper from a printer loaded with dye sublimation ink. Finally, lay the resulting

print onto a receptive item and place in the appropriate heat press – the dyes simply transfer into the

coated product, leaving a vibrant, durable image behind.

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