Why the Sublimation Printing is Better Than Screen Printing

                                    Why the Sublimation Printing is Better Than Screen Printing?

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    Sublimation printing is by far the most commonly used method of modern sublimation textile

printing. It is quick, reliable and environment friendly, allowing print companies to cut down on waste

and speed up repeatable processes without any loss of quality. In point of fact, sublimation printing is

normally more reliable for fixation than older styles of textile printing due to the science acting on the

fibres during the printing process.

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    Why is it named sublimation clothing?

    Sublimation is a term usually used for the chemical process when a solid transfers to vapors

without turning into liquid. While printing the sublimation clothing, in the process there is extreme heat

and pressure applied by using a heat press. This makes the solid dye turn into vapors, without

becoming liquid and hence helps it to infuse with the garment at the molecular level. This is the

reason why it is named so and also the reason of increased print durability.

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    Sublimation printing clothing vs. screen printing clothing

    Both these are ways to transfer color prints on apparels like t shirts. A sublimation t shirt is

preferred over screen printed t shirt because of the basic and important reason of durability. In case of

screen printing, the ink of printing stays above the material whereas, in case of sublimation printing

the dye fuses in with the molecules of the fabric making it suitable for light colored polyester or nylon

garments. The print of the screen printed fabric might separate from the garment, but in case of

sublimation clothing it is impossible!

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