Advantages of 3D Sublimation Heat Press Transfer Machine

                                               Advantages of 3D Sublimation Heat Press Transfer Machine

3d sublimation vacuum heat press machine
    The Vacuum II 3D system allows you to go much further into dimensional imprinting than any

traditionalsublimation transfer solution, enabling full colour decoration of unusual items that have

difficult to print uneven surfaces.Fully break through the traditional heat transfer. VacuumⅠutilises a

combination of vacuum pressure and heat to wrap sublimation transfer paper around curved shapes

to permanently fuse your decoration onto just about any curved surface.
    A revolutionary solution to make the item with curved shape, with air forced vacuum and a thin white

silicon pad, people can transfer the items with curved edge or shape, like a curved

glass,plates,stones,also will get a very good quality on the traditional items like a tile, mouse pad,

glass, crystal and any flat and little curved items.Professional on behalf of the iPhone, iPad cover,

effective, clear and bright images. The machine likes a oven when it is heating so we don't need worry

about the item heating un-even and got broken during the heating prcess specially for the glass


3d heat press machine
    Advantages of 3D Sublimation Heat Transfer Machine:

  1. Three-dimensional printing;  

  2. All-in-one which is enough for your common sublimation needs;

  3. Suit for sublimation printing on curved shape products;

  4. Highly efficiency produced by secure and scientific design;

  5. Cost effective with competitive price and low energy consumption;     

  6. Easy operation with clear instruction provided;

  7. Friendly both to users and the environment;

  8. Excellent and durable quality out of mature technology;

  9. Mini Type, save huge cost;

  10. Foam-wrapped package packing to avoid any damage during delivery.

sublimation heat press machine

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