The Featurers and Notes of Roll Heat Press Transfer Machine

                           The Featurers and Notes of Roll Heat Press Transfer Machine
roll drum heat press machines

    1. adopt imported American "Dupont" brand blanket, thick is 10mm, transfer results is very good,

long life.

    2. adopt 100% seamless oil drum, the inner circle and out circle of roller is precision lathe, out circle

precision polish,and plating teflon after, for sure each point is the temperature. Taiwan stainless steel

oil heating tube, can rise the temperature to 200 degree within 45 min.

   3. main panel adopt 10mm thick steel plate, wire-electrode cutting,high precision, lower deviation.

   4. each adjust axis are precision lathe, polish and platinum plating, the deviation is controled with in

2 c, make sure the blanket working without space moved.

    5. electric control: high quality temperature and time  digital display, more accuraty.

    6. imported speed control frequency conversion motor, can adjust the speed according to different


    7. carbon brush conductive heating, conductive performace is more stable and safty.

    8. blanket automatic separation: when power cut or shut down, blanket automatically separted with

roller, which can much more protect the blanket, extend its life.

    9. conveyor belt transmission function: after the product been heat transfer, through the conveyor belt

to the behind the working plane, much more save labor, high working efficiency.

   Machine Warranty:

   1) One-year warrantys on machines & parts.

   2) Free lifetime technical support on all heat presses.
roll to roll heat press transfer
   Workshop & EXPO:

   As a leading manufacturer of heat press machine heat transfer machine in local China, since 2001,

we manufacture and export heat press machine to more than 50 countries. With 178 workers, 12, 000

sqm workshop and CE certificated.

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    1) When you inquiry this machine, please kindly let us know what printing size you need;

    2) As a manufacturer, we can ensure high quality machines & competitive price for you;

    3) Huge stock can meet your urgent demand! 

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