The Introductions and Operations of Heat Presses

                                             The Introductions and Operations of Heat Presses

sublimation heat press
    A heat press is the machine that presses a transfer onto an imprintable substrate. Transfers are

embedded into the product through using high temperatures and heavy pressure. Heat presses are

recommended for professional and satisfying results. Sublimation requires 365-400 degrees F. We

categorize our heat presses by the manufacturer-Geo Knight, Hix, Mighty Press, and Hotronix. One of

the main differences between heat presses to help you decide which one is right for you is the size.

Depending on the size of your sublimation paper, you will need to select your heat press accordingly.

Standard heat press sizes are 9" x 12", 11" x 15", & 16" x 20". There are also a number of sizes

inbetween. If you are using sublimation paper that is 8.5" x 11", your press will need to be at least a

9"x12" press. If you are going to be transferring to a large cutting board and your sublimation paper is

11"x17", you will need to get at least a 16"x20". Another thing you will need to decide is if you want your

heat press to have all of the "bells and whistles". Higher end presses will have features such as

digital readouts for times, pressure, and temperature while other, less expensive, presses have

manual timers with analog dials to control these same features. Whether the press is set up manually

or digitally, it will get the job done!
sublimation paper
1.Be sure to operate with safe ground wire!!!

2.Check the voltage before using it.Then turn on the machine and turn on the power supply!

3.When you use it,avoid heating the machine without operating it for long time.You should switch off

the power supply when you don't use it.don't heating nothing.

4.Avoid touch the heat press plate when you operating in case be injured.

5.When you press the handle,if you feel the pressure is too much and it is hard to press it, or the

pressure is not enough and it is too easy press it,please adjust the pressure adjusting

knob,decrease increase  the shrink of the spring . the intensity of the machine will be injured if the

pressure is too much.

6.Keep children away from the machine even when the machine is left unused!!!

Operation procedures
Please note:Users should operate the machine with ground wire connected for safety!

1.Check the voltage before using it.Then turn on the power supply!

2.Plug in,turn on the power switch of machine,the power indicator lightened.

3.Set the thermostat to the temperature needed (Normally 120-200oC),set  the timer to the  needed.(Normally 5~20Second).

4.Place the clothes to the main plate,cover the printing paper(please note the right surface of the paper).Press the handle down until reach terminal.

5.When the time come down to over,the buzzer alarms,pull the handle back.

6.If it is cold-ripping of the transfer paper,please use blackboard wiper to rub against the whole

transfer paper,wait for 5-10 seconds,then rip off the transfer paper.If it is the hot-ripping of the transfer

paper,you can rip off immediately after printing.

Please note : successful print requires right time,temperature and pressure,the thickness of  the

clothes material,even the type of printing paper,all will affect the performance of printing.Any kind of

sublimation paper need test before mass production.

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