How Does Sublimation Paper Works?

                                                            How Does Sublimation Paper Works?

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    Sublimation Printing Roll Paper has generally unidirectional perspective reflective stickers all of the

features and luminescent properties, mainly for the automotive and architectural glass, play

advertising, the role of identity. Compared with ordinary single-permeable membrane, the screen

colors more vivid, tear stronger, more resistant to heat. Suitable for glazing advertising, such as taxi

advertising, bus advertising, subway advertising, building glass advertising, shop windows

advertising. Particularly suitable for the rear glass, illuminated at night in case the lights play super

Sublimation Printing Roll Paper effect, and the driver in the car can clearly see the situation outside

through the screen without affecting its sight.

sublimation printing
    Substances such as water and carbon dioxide (CO2) can be charted on a pressure versus

temperature plot to reveal their state of matter (solid, liquid, or gas) at a given temperature and

pressure. At a typical atmospheric pressure, we know that water is a solid at temperatures below 0

degrees Celsius, a liquid from 0 to 100 degrees Celsius, and a gas at higher temperatures.

Atmospheric pressure, however, can change, particularly with altitude. Higher altitudes yield lower

atmospheric pressures.

    As shown on this graph, we can experimentally observe that water doesn't always change phase at

the same temperatures. For instance, with lower pressures, liquid water changes to a gas at

temperatures lower than 100 degrees Celsius. If the pressure is dropped low enough, water reaches

what's known as a triple point, the pressure and temperature at which a substance can exist in solid,

liquid, and gaseous forms. Below the triple point, solid water sublimates, changing directly into a gas

with a temperature increase, and never passing through the liquid phase. CO2 has a triple point at a

pressure higher than 1 atmospheric pressure, meaning that at Earth's standard atmospheric

pressure, CO2 will sublimate as it heats from a solid to a gas.

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