The Features and Applications and Maintenance of Sublimation Heat Press Machines

        The Features and Applications and Maintenance of Sublimation Heat Press Machines

sublimation heat transfer machine

1. Digital time and temperature control,and signal indicator after process complete.simply operation

2.The heated thread and heated board in whole, safe, durable ,thermostat distribute uniformity;

3. Based on kinesiology design,  equality  pressure,The pressure can be adjusted freely according to

you need.very convenient.

4. Adopt TEFLON & high temperature fabric as anti-adhesive  clad layer for heating plate,prevent the

clothes burned yellow, easy to clean,can be replaced,without loss can work permanently.
5.Fix high temperature resistant froth silica pad on the work table ,it can bear maximum 350oC without

any distortion,more smooth,good heat transfer effect.

6. Energy saving machine, It is economical and practical.
heat press

     Its suitable for sublimation transfer T-shirt, large banners, flags, non-woven fabrics, apparel

fabrics, blankets, towels, mouse pads, scarves and other products in the piece,

Especially the roll fabrics need to continuous print.

Quality Control on Finished Machine:

     All heat press machines are strictly tested before shipping out.

    1) Turn on the heat transfer machine.

    2) Use black transfer paper test print fabrics.


1.Pressure:If the pressure is not enough or too large,please adjustable pressure nut,(+)direction of

increasing pressure;(-)direction of a reduction of stress.

2.Time:When the time is over,the buzzer does not work or out of order,check the contact of the sensitive

switch at the tail of the machine.If it is not proper,adjust it to proper position.

3.Temperature:If the machine has been started for several minutes,there is no heating from heating

plate,check the circuit.

4.The machine adopt eccentric bearing,the pressure is not allowed to be adjusted too large,in case

cause damage to bearing.

5.If any quality problem please contact our company.

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