The Introductions of Glossy Photo Paper, Matte Photo Paper and Adhesive Photo Paper

       The Introductions of  Glossy Photo Paper, Matte Photo Paper and Adhesive Photo Paper


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    Photo paper comes in two main types of finish - glossy or matte. Although both glossy and matte

have their pros and cons, it really comes down to personal choice.

    Glossy paper is what most people are used to see from their local photo shop. This paper will be

highly reflective and shiny and may take longer to dry than matte prints due to its glossy coating.

Glossy paper will normally have one printable side, and one side without a coating.

    Matte paper, on the other hand, looks smooth and doesn't reflect light like glossy paper. Matte paper

is normally thicker than glossy and dries faster. This paper will also frequently feature dual-sided

printing capabilities.

    If you're trying to choose between glossy and matte, the best way is to pick up a couple of 25 sheet

packs of paper and try printing on both of them. This way you can see which one you personally prefer

since there is no real technical reason for choosing one over the other.

    Choosing a photo paper can be quite an ordeal. Between the various finishes, qualities, and

manufacturers, finding something you like can seem like a real challenge. However, the best solution

is to try out a couple of different kinds and see which one you like the best.  

   matte and glossy photo paper
     Adhesive photo paper is not normally used for printing off photos to share with your relatives and

friends, but it's great for photo albums and invitations. Adhesive photo paper is just like a normal satin

photo paper, but with adhesive on the back of it. Think of a gigantic 8 x 11" sticker - that's basically what

you're looking at with adhesive photo paper. The entire concept is to be able to put a sheet of satin

photo paper into your printer, print off a high-quality photo, and then simply peel off the backing and

stick your photo somewhere without having to deal with all the hassle of glue sticks or photo corners.

It has all the stickiness of a sticker, with all the quality of satin photo paper.
matte photo paper
      And while you might not realize it, adhesive photo paper can actually make it a lot easier to share

photos with friends and family. While you might not want to include loose, free-falling snapshots in an

envelope to Grandma, you might be able to stick a small picture onto the end of a letter. You can use

the "stickers" on boxes you send out, on invitations, on magnets, or even just to label your briefcase

easily. Any place you can put a sticker, you can put a face. And who doesn't want to see their toaster

smiling back at them in the morning?

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