How to Choose the Best Printing Method for T-Shirt Printing?

                                       How to Choose the Best Printing Method for T-Shirt Printing?


sublimation t-shirts printing
    There are many methods of t-shirt printing on the market.such as screening printing,heat press

printing, inkjet and laser printing.But which kind of method we should choose?

    Screening Printing

    It is by far the most aged and still most commonly used technique. It consists at screens pressed

up against fabric to put paint onto tees one color per screen. Pros: cost effective, high quality,

professional, durability. Cons: each color requires a particular screen, messy, need to reproduce

many t-shirts together with the same illustration to be attainable.

    Heat Press/Inkjet/Laser Transfers

    The illustration is transferred on a paper and set under a high temperature press to reproduce the

design onto the shirt. It's not difficult to reproduce many colors and complicated illustrations, does not

necessitate different colors to be applied independently and is good for small orders. But the fabric is

the brightest part of the design so it works well just on white t-shirts, doesn't work on dark t-shirts. It

cracks and fades away easily.

      Dye Sublimation - Dye sublimation is awesome for full color illustrations on white or bright colored

garments. You can equally use this technique on non-textile materials such as mugs, mouse pads,

tile, puzzles, coasters, key chains, etc.
  t-shirt sublimation transfer
    It is used only on man-made fabrics like polyester. You cannot reproduce on 100% cotton t-shirts.

    If you are considering entering the tee production job than any procedure is workable but without a

question, screen printed tees are better in quality than high temperature transfer tees. If you want 6 or

less tees for fun and restricted use such as for a gag, for novelty, or for a party, you may want to

consider making heat transfer shirts.

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