Different Styles of Sublimation Uniforms

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 sublimation uniforms

Can I use my own logo in my design?Definitely! Sublimation paper is the perfect format to incorporate gym or company logos, or mascot images. If you have a specific logo you want to use. Additional artwork charges may apply if you are providing your own artwork.Sublimation offers limitless color options for your logo, along with plenty of room to showcase sponsors and player names. In Dye Sublimation your image will be printed with a special ink onto a sheet of sublimation transfer paper. The image on the piece of paper is applied to the shirt using a heat press. This press combines pressure, high temperature and time to transfer the image on the paper into the shirt. The end result is a breathable, flexible shirt with a vibrant image that won’t crack or peel off over time and won’t feel stiff or heavy while the garment is being worn.Because the sublimation process dyes the image into shirt, the color of the shirt can affect the colors in the image.We love sublimation! It is a method of applying a printed design to a garment. This involves a transfer process which uses heat and pressure to take the design from paper to the surface of the fabric – giving you total freedom over the design and colour of your kit!Why Choose Sublimation?Sublimation is great for a number of reasons: it is super versatile meaning you can have a design as wacky as you like, in any possible combination of colours.

sublimation uniforms

Sublimation also prints everything at once, including names, numbers and any logos meaning that you can add as many of these as you like without affecting the cost. Because the logos are transferred as part of the design, it keeps the garment light which is always a bonus and enables you to play to your best.

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