The Method Of Dye Sublimation Decoration

The Method Of Dye Sublimation Decoration - GetWin Industrial Co.,LTD

                                        dye sublimation decoration

The initial steps of sublimation decoration usually involve the exact same tools utilized with other technologies like engraving, screen printing and embroidery. It is only right after the final image is printed to paper when sublimation sets itself apart from all other technologies.
Here's the step-by-step course of action expected to generate a sublimated item:
1.Style and customize a graphic specific to the final solution using experienced graphics application. Sublimation products showcase millions of colors using higher resolution, accurate photo top quality images and any vector-based graphics and text.

dye sublimation decoration2.Print the image to a supported inkjet printer working with specialty dye sublimation inks on sublimation-friendly paper.
3.Face the printed image on the sheet to a sublimation-ready surface (e.g. polyester-based only). Some really hard items like plaques and name badges will need to be taped applying heat resistant tape. For soft substrates like sublimation t-shirts or sublimation mousepads, the transfer may be "tacked" to the solution making use of a light, repositionable adhesive spray accessible at any hardware, craft or super retailer, or by utilizing a tacky sublimation paper, at present only offered for wide format printers.
4.Place the product and sublimation print below a heat press. Every single solution kind has its own formula for time, temperature and pressure for optimal decorating. The correct temperature ordinarily hovers amongst 385° F to 400° F, time varies from 50 seconds for a Vapor Apparel t-shirt to over seven minutes to get a glossy, ceramic tile. The needed pressure is normally "medium" or about 30-40 psi on a pneumatic press. You are looking for a solid marriage in between the heated platen and also the face of one's sublimation transfer (exactly where the strong ink dyes rest).

dye sublimation decoration
5.Following the time expires, take away the item (working with protective heat gloves is advised when handling many sublimation goods), tear away the transfer and admire the finished image. Besides assembly for some solutions (e.g. present boxes, tile murals, and so on.), the product is prepared for delivery after cooling.

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