Two Distinct Methods of Printing Within the Dye Sublimation Process

Two Distinct Methods of Printing Within the Dye Sublimation Process - GetWin Industrial Co.,LTD

dye sublimation printing

You will discover two distinct strategies of printing inside the dye sublimation process: transfer and direct. The transfer process sublimation procedure includes printing an image on a unique media that typically can be a special dye sublimation paper using a receptive coating that holds the ink. You will find now plastic-based media for use in thermoforming applications. The ink is ordinarily a resin base that holds the dye sublimation ink pigment so when heat and pressure is applied, the ink will transfer to a receptive surface of a polyester-based material. The direct sublimation technique essentially deposits the ink onto the media itself, and after that it is fixed into the media working with heat and stress.
Although this system in the past didn't have as good a saturated image result, it has turn out to be a lot greater as media surface coatings happen to be vastly improved. Now you are able to invest in dye sublimation media that happen to be pretreated on one particular side for direct sublimation, or non-treated on the other for use with transfer paper.

dye sublimation printingSpecialists also note that direct dye sublimation printing to coated fabrics has eliminated the have to have for transfer paper and heat transfer machinery, creating the charges to make reduce. The quality of direct print is receiving to be fairly superior, although the fabric choices for the most effective print are restricted to flat, smooth surfaced fabrics. Direct printing saves the paper transfer, and simply because the majority of the direct machines I have observed have a heating unit constructed into them, additionally, it saves the time associated with transfer and eliminates the want for a separate transfer press.

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