How to Print Pictures on Canvas Bags with Sublimation Paper

How to Print Pictures on Canvas Bags with Sublimation Paper - GetWin Industrial Co.,LTD

sublimation transfer paper

Sublimation canvas bags with sublimation transfer paper and dye sublimation ink.

1, realize a picture for your canvas baggage. Search the saved pictures on your computer's Winchester drive, produce text in an exceedingly data processing document or realize a property right pictures with correct copyright permissions.
2, Edit your image thus it's acceptable for your canvas bag. Use ikon redaction computer code to expand, shrink or crop the image. alter the colours so that they ar daring and simple to envision. Use the reflexion choice to flip the image, particularly if you're transferring text to your canvas totebaggage.
3, Print a photograph sample onto plain report to confirm the image is that the acceptable size for your canvas baggage and therefore the colours ar printing accurately on your printer.
4, Edit the image if you've got changes you would like to form. If the colours appear off, attemptdynamic the ink in your printer. If one color is out or running low, pictures don't look as they ought to. Print a second check image to confirm any edits have formed the image.
5, Load heat transfer paper into your printer within the direction to print on the right facet. for many top-loading printers, the right facet are facing you, whereas bottom-loading printers need paper to be loaded face down.
6, Print your image onto the iron-on paper and permit the ink to fully dry before handling. Handlingearly on can cause smearing. Cut out the image  victimisation scissors.

sublimation printing process
7, heat up your iron to its hottest setting with no steam. Place your canvas bag onto a firm heat-resistant surface. Position the warmth transfer so it's face-down on the canvas bag.
8, place the iron on high of the transfer and knock down firmly, holding the iron in situ for fifteenseconds before moving to subsequent section of the transfer.
9, Peel away the paper backing from the canvas bag, reheating any stubborn  areas with the iron till the paper simply peels away.
10, Spray the written canvas bag with acrylic craft spray to form the planning additional sturdy.enable the canvas bag to dry nightlong before use.

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