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dye sublimation printing

When the dyes area unit heated during this transfer method, they vaporize,and if they're in shut proximity to an acceptable substrate, like a plastic or coating, the vapors penetrate the adjacent substrate by around zero.002 in. up to 0.25 in. The plastic substrate should be able to face up to temperatures of 280 to 375 F necessary to vaporize the dye.
Since the dyes area unit clear, the substrate ought to be lightweight in color—white, light gray, or beige. If the plastic substrate is semitransparent, it'll stay semitransparent once coloring. once 1stutilized in textiles, this method allowed a printer to form a style on paper then heat transfer it to knits or weaves with transfer paper.For flat-surface decoration like
snowboards, the look is 1st written on paper, then a hot press impregnates  the paper style into the substrate. For decoration, it generally prints the look on associate degree air-permeable and versatile textile-based medium. this is often then placed round the object, that is place into a high-temperature film bag from that the air is force, forcing the sublimation textile to tighten round the 
substrate. The dust bag with the half is then placed in associate degree kitchen appliance for five to forty min.

dye sublimation printing
We can currently create digital styles and transfer them onto the half. If a Americaer provides us with a style, we will scan the look digitally or receive it electronically then use matrix printer technology to print the image and transfer it onto the half.The method was developed as another to the dipping process developed by cuboid Printing of Japan and
authorised to others for regarding twenty years. That methodology involves floating a preprinted film on a pool of liquid, permitting the film to dissolve and going away a floating layer of sublimation inks into that the substrate is unfit.The method boasts many different benefits over the dip process. 
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