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Electronic inkjet sublimation transfer printing is usually to make impression digital by means of electronic camera or scanner and expert gallery.Upcoming,we shall make the photographs with necessary coloration gorgeously and beautiful throughout the computer graphic processing and style. After which print ink on the foundation of paper in the particular heat sublimation transfer inkjet printer as designed in accordance with the computer photographs . Ultimately,warmth the picture within the sublimation transfer paper by baking machine, Lin pan bake equipment or printing machine, for any number of minutes, picture will probably be transferred to China plate, metal plate, glass plate, t-shirts together with other souvenirs.
This type of inkjet printer will save the plate-making system, lessening the generation cost and making the sublimation transfer process additional easy. This fashion is appropriate for tiny batch and solitary creation of individuality. But what need to be mentioned is always that porcelain, steel plate, glass plate should dealt whit a special coating therapy.Also,common glass can't be transferred.
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