T-shirt transfer paper: Sublimation T-shirt paper problems

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t-shirt transfer paper

Sublimation T-shirt transfer paper is that the special paper utilized in sublimation transfer trade.In general, it's divided into 2 broad categories: dark t-shirts paper and light-weight color T-shirt.The dark or light weight color is for the color of the sublimation T-shirt transfer, instead of the color of the sublimation T-shirt paper transfer itself,which is required to recollect.In the following introduction, it'll be introduced in details.Having a information of the sublimation T-shirt paper classification, we tend to here to speak concerning the utilization of the sublimation T-shirt paper, parameter and matters for attention.

Method of use

The use technique of sublimation T-shirt paper is comparatively easy, solely we want to print image to paper, there's no distinction with common printing.Then fix T-shirt paper to the proper position of the T-shirt,pressing with figure heating machine.Finally,we await thirty seconds and also the written t-shirts is completed.


First, area. normally the one we tend to suggest is foreign sublimation T-shirt paper (mainly Republic of Korea and also the United States)

Second, smooth. the sleek of sublimation T-shirt paper usually determines the color saturation and image clarity.More exquisite, the higher for its ink absorption, and transfer printing impact is healthier.

Third, fastness. Fastness is a crucial indicators moving the standard of the T-shirt. though most ar determined by the machine pressure, the consistence of T-shirt paper is additionally important.

  t-shirt transfer paper

Matters needing attention

One,the collocation of the ink. Thermal T-shirt transfer use the common ink, instead of sublimation transfer ink.

Two, the conditions of use: sublimation T-shirt transfers paper is to use on cotton garments, the overall chemical fiber material isn't suggested.At constant time for a few of the fabric like canvas, T-shirt paper may be used.

Three,color to distinguish: Dark or lightweight color of T-shirt paper is completely different for various color of T-shirt. In general, any color except white T-shirt is appropriate for dark one.This is the premise of characteristic technique, of course, generally some lighter brunet department can also use a lightweight T-shirt paper. 

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