How To Use Sublimation Transfer Paper

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sublimation transfer paper

The best way to use sublimation transfer paper?

This is a sensible issues often encountered inside the method of operation for newbies. After some blunders happen,a transfer paper for a few bucks is going to be destroyed ,also a piece of clothes for ten dollars even more dollars. The other costs of electricity and ink are also a type of loss. It could form a sort of stress in heart, even you will doubt the possibility of pyrograph operation.

sublimation transfer paper

First, the choices of transfer paper is the key point. The top quality of sublimation transfer paper decides the good quality of print outcome.Following choose sublimation printing paper,open the image in processing software program to adjust the image size you need. Then print the design, cut off the spare parts with scissor. When the heat machine temperature is up, next you'll be able to transfer printing. Tip:the United states of america imported transfer paper printing temperature is 185 degrees - 190 degrees. The time is based on ink you use, if it can be the ordinary ink, print time is generally ten to 12 seconds.If it truly is sublimation transfer ink, printing time is recommended to become longer such as 25 to 30 seconds.Remove the wet of clothes could be the 1st step in the course of action of printing. Put the clothes for transfer around the heat press machine for 2 to 3 seconds. Then iron out the wrinkles on fabric for transfer.The high quality of printing will likely be improved further.When the temperature up,you can begin to print. Place the pattern facing clothing at print position, set up printing time then press printing machine.When time is out, the printing machine buzzer will ring. Then open the printing machine to tear the transfer paper.Such a character garment is printed. 

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