Sublimation Is A Good Choice For Starting Your Own Business

Sublimation Is A Good Choice For Starting Your Own Business - GetWin Industrial Co.,LTD

dye sublimation printing

More and more people choose self employment now, but suffer from does not have the door do not know how to position, to choose what kind of industry is more suitable for their own, believe that most people are looking for a pre investment funds is relatively low, but also easy to start with the industry. How to choose what kind of industry, do not know if you have not heard of hot transfer printing technology, speaking of sublimation believe that everybody is not strange to it.See the sublimation products everywhere in our life, Vesub 3D sublimaiton for your analysis, business why to choose the sublimation printing shop?Sublimation printing introduced from abroad for years. Sublimation printing technology advantage is: the pattern level of rich, colourful, the myriads of changes, small color difference, good reproducibility, can reach the requirements of design pattern, and is suitable for small batch production, investment amount is small, suitable for setting up small shops. Talk about the heat transfer advantages specific to:Printing process is very simple

dye sublimation printing

Sublimation printing without plate, print, duplicate registration steps, various types of tools, materials without the need for screen printing processing needs.

1. need to also prepare a common computer.An exercise machine can be completely independent of the printing operation, saves manpower and material resources, and has the advantages of simple, low requirement for the operating crew experience, as long as the understanding of a simple picture processing software can be.

2, does not cause material damageIt not only can be printed on the tough texture crystal, stone, metal, glass and other materials, and can be printed on the soft cloth, cotton and other materials; it can be printed on the inorganic matter, also can be printed on the complex composition, organic matter, be the most changeful. Heat transfer to cater to the needs of market diversification, the better for the user to provide a more comprehensive production services.

3, sublimation printing position accurately to avoid manual printing the position offset of the problem.

4, the need for color transition picture printingTraditional printing methods, such as screen printing not according to the picture to transition of all the colors, so the screen out the effect will be the color clear boundaries, in the middle of the two kinds of color, it is difficult to according to the picture itself and reflect the color transition. But many products are printed trademark, logo and other high precision, high complexity of the pattern, gifts, arts and crafts industry application is more extensive.Heat transfer division plane transfer and surface transfer two, plane transfer can only main equipment transfer plane is heat transfer machine, and surface transfer printing transfer breakthrough, the main heat transfer equipment is baking cup machine, cone baking cup machine.Because of the above characteristics of sublimation printing, choose the sublimation business is a good idea., more suitable for entrepreneurs or plan to invest less money for entrepreneurs. If you have any questions can contact the vesub 3D sublimation online customer service or e-mail us. We will be the first time for any questions you answer.

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