The Difference Of Sublimation Printing, Decal Printing On Coffee Mug

 The Difference Of Sublimation Printing, Decal Printing On Coffee Mug - GetWin Industrial Co.,LTD

dye sublimation printing

What should you do when you want only 10 pcs with 10 different photographs and you want it tomorrow. Sublimation printing will be a good choice.

Dye sublimation printing is quite similar as decal process. You aslo need to stick the artwork paper on a coffee mug,then heat is applied to make sure the artwork gets transfered on the coffee mug. The big difference is that sublimation can be done at any space,no need factory setup, just need a similar sublimation system. Print the artwork on a special paper (called sublimation paper) though an inkjet printer in which sublimation ink system can be attached, one set of mug heat press machine in which you can fix your coffee mug to transfer the artwork, and a ceramic mug but with a special coating on its surface, so that the artwork can be transfered on the coffee mug perfectly. Sublimation coated blank mugs are quite popular now around the world, epscially in Dye sublimation expert. In fact if you have all types of products which you can print using sublimation inks.

dye sublimation printing

Advantages of Dye sublimation printing: 

Print any color photo on even a single coffee mug. No setup cost.

 Fast Delivery: Printing one sublimation mug just takes 2-3 minutes. 

Personalized, every piece with a different name or different picture.

Disadvantages of Dye sublimation Printing:

 Expensive: Sublimation mug is typically 2 to 5 times more expensive that a decal printed mug. But if you need only one coffee mug or few pcs, then this is a good option. 

Permanency: Artwork maybe go away after a period of time.Whether this time is few days, months or few years depends on many factors including quality of sublimation ink, quality of artwork, quality of transfer paper, quality of sublimation coffee mug and of course the skills of worker who is transferring the print.

While sublimation process looks quite simple one needs to be careful while selecting a vendor. Dye sublimation is an expert in sublimation field, we have our own factories with 12 producing lines, ensure fast delivery time, and prefect sales team to ensure fast and convenient communication, the most important thing we have a good software system,sweeping service, from our first time contact, until your goods loaded, also include after sales operation, to offer you a wonderful business purchasing trip.

dye sublimation printing

Decal is the most old printing method on ceramics. All of you using in Kitchen ceramics may be printed using decal process. High quality artwork is printed on special papers (called decals) through machines which are especially made for ceramics industry. These paper prints are pasted on coffee mugs,then put into a oven and baked by a high temperature. The artwork gets transfered on to the coffee mug permanently. This is the only method to use when you have a large quantities to print. However decal printing has its own limitation. Most you need a factory setup to print with a big amount quantities. For example MOQ 2000 ,but your customer may only need 1000 quantity or less also. Also leading time is longer, it will take 20 to 45 days for production.

Advantages of Decal Printing:

Lowest per piece cost for full color printed mugs. Permanent & Vibrant Artwork which does not fade with time or repeated washes.

Disadvantages of Decal Printing :

MOQ request Longer delivery time line. No Personalization is possible. High initial setup charges

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