The Use of Sublimation Paper

                                                                      The Use of Sublimation Paper

sublimation paper

     Technology has improves our lifestyle and it would not be a wrong statement. Earlier the printing cost of even basic invitation cards was high and now people use to put the groom and bride picture on the invitation cards. Earlier we had hardly heard that any person gifted the customized cushions, t-shirts, mugs with the personal photograph of the friend but now it has become the common gifting trend only because of heat transfer paper.

paper roll  

  Heat transfer paper is a special kind of paper that used to absorb the extra ink of graphic after the printing process. The printing would be done only with the CMYO scheme which has replaced the "K" colour with "O" to reduce the black impression from the images.
    Sublimation Transfer Paper can be used for all kinds of materials, such as ceramic, mug, textile, umbrella, flag, leather, wood, glass, iron, marble etc.And the size of paper are rolls and sheets.The hot sale is sublimation paper roll.

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