The Introduction to Digital Transfer Printing

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 digital transfer printing

Dye sublimation
Dye sublimation is a physical process that involves transforming dye particles from a solid state into a gaseous state, without first turning the solid particles into a liquid. The sublimation of an image from the sublimation transfer paper.onto a substrate involves contact between a printed image on transfer paper with the substrate in the transfer press. The heat in the press causes the dye particles of the images to sublimate. During the process, the polyester of the substrate is also heated. As a result the molecular chains of the polyester "open'' and the dye particles, in gaseous form, permeate the polyester. On completion of the sublimation prcess, the press is opened and the substrate cools. After cooling, the dyestuff is ''locked up'' in the polyester. The retention of the dyestuff in the polyester demonstrates the high resistance of the dyesubbed images to washing and light exposure compared to decals. The process also works on polyester.cotton blends (at least 65/35, preferably 80/20), some acrylics and nylon 6.6 (for best results consult your dyestuff supplier).

digital transfer printing

Digital sublimation transfer printing
Digital sublimation transfer printing requires an inkjet printer, sublimation ink, sublimation transfer paper, a polyester (coated) substrate and a heat press. The sublimation technique as such offers an attractive new alternative decorating method thanks to its relatively low setup cost, the advantages of digital design over screen printing, the elimation of after treatment, as well as its meticulous detail and superior quality.
Principles of Digital Transfer Printing
A digital transfer is a way of producing full colour designs, which are too complex to be screen printed, for application onto garments, caps or bags via a heat process.
The required image is printed onto white transfer paper. This is then cut out with a plotter, which is a machine that cuts through paper following an outline drawn in Adobe Illustrator.
The transfer paper is then placed onto the object. The correct amount of heat &  pressure is then applied. This is a precise process which ensures there is no damage to the surface of the product. The image then adheres permanently to the object.
Digital sublimation transfer printing can be employed in a variety of applications, including the fashion industry for proofing and short run production, graphic arts, car and furniture upholstering, casino gaming tables, billiards and snooker tables, interior decorating, the soft sign industry for promotional banners, flags and postage stamps. Industrial niche markets include skis, snowboards and regrigerators, to name only a few. In an increasingly blobal market place, Digital sublimation transfer printing is equipped to meet the challenge of customizing the material would where economical one-offs are possible without compromising quality. Current users enjoy the benefits of brilliant colours, a wide colour gamut, fine detailed graphics, high resolutions, stable results over time, an integrated system of printer, paper, ink and price, technical support and dedicated suppliers

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