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 digital textile printing

The digital textile printing technology offers many possibilities to amplify for prints of designs, themes and advertising slogans on a variety of textiles. Due to new printing methodes, suitable printing machines as well as new materials and ideas, there are hardly any limitations on the realisation.The digital textile printing offers outstanding flexibility depending on the printing system. Advertising campaigns, collections or new trends can be realised quickly. Futher more materials can be desidned, produced and used according to customer requirements and suggestions. Trendy colors and samples, pictures, company logos or diverse graphics - print whatever you like.Business areas such as visual communications, decoration, P.O.S. marketing or exhibiton stand constructions benefit from the flexibility of the digital textile printing.Besides the many advantages of each printing systems, the printing methodes themselves are an important advantages, due to the predominantly use of dye sublimation inks, which are ecologically friendly.  

What can be printed?

digital textile printing

digital textile printing
Advantages of digital textile printing      

  small and individual prints 

digital print with different colors 

higher quality than in classic printing 

shorter time of production and delivery

simple reviews or adjustments 

easy reproduction 

16,7 million color pictures without color changes

 no size limitations in design due to of the drums 

no primary costs for film, screens or printing drums due to lightning, screen production or engrawings

 no storage of screens or printing drums 

no pollution ecological friendly method 

you can start your own production 

easy control of the printed fabric 

all designs stay in your office 

easy exchange of digital data over the internet 

easy adding of all digital data (digital photos) print on demand production no surplus production of fabrics 

easy handling and service of machines 

simple infrastructure

small work places are needed

 small investment risk 

future oriented product

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