A4 Size Dark T-Shirt Heat Transfer Paper

A4 Size Dark T-Shirt Heat Transfer Paper - GetWin Industrial Co.,LTD

dark t-shirt transfer paper

Dark Transfer Paper transfers images easily from an inkjet printer to a dark coloured T-shirt and many other dark coloured fabrics and surfaces and gives a high degree of washability and durability.

dark t-shirt transfer paper


This kind of T-shirt transfer paper is used for transfering clothes made of cotton materials. Please use this dark T-shirt transfer paper when you want to transfer dark clothes. Using EPSON printer with normal waterbased pigment ink to print images on the papers and then transfer the lovely images to T-shirts, pillowcase, cloth, etc made of 100% cotton or more than 30% cotton containing. The price should be calculated again for sample.

dark t-shirt transfer paper

Printing Instructions:

1.Prepare your chosen image on the computer. Print a copy onto plain paper to ensure it is correct.

2.Print the design in Mirror Reverse i.e., so that it is reading right when placed face down onto the T-shirt. Many software programs have a horizontal flip function that prints a mirror image. Most new printers have a T-shirt transfer option that will print your design in mirror reverse. Consult your printer instruction manual.

3.Print on the MATT side of the transfer paper.

4.Print image to the highest print quality possible.5.Single sheet feeding is recommended.
NOTE: Due to the texture of the transfer paper, the quality of the image will be slightly reduced. If your image is too light, enhance your paper type or printer quality setting.

dark t-shirt transfer paper

Transfer Instruction:

1.Use computer to design the image that you want to print  onto the sublimation heat transfer paper and place on clothing or other surfaces. You can use a simple word processing program of the computer to type up text and it is very useful.
2.Connect the inject printer to your computer. Replace the standard printer paper with the sublimation heat transfer paper. Print the graphics that you created above onto the heat transfer paper. Then wait for the paper to dry thoroughly.
3.Prepare the area to which you wish to copy the graphics  or image from the heat transfer.                     
4.Turn on the pressure press or clothing iron.
5.Remove the iron or pressure press. Carefully peel the transfer paper away from the material. The printed image is now on the material and off the paper. Allow the material to cool off for a couple hours.

Preparing the Surface

1.Heat your iron (empty water) to maximum cotton setting;

2.100% cotton fabric works best;

3.Iron fabric first; allow to cool before transferring image;

4.Lay fabric on a hard, smooth surface.  An ironing board is NOT SUITABLE.  A table covered with a pillow case is suitable;

5.Place transfer paper with PRINTED IMAGE FACING UP in desired position straight onto the fabric.

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