How To Tranfer Beautiful Image with T-Shirt Transfer Paper(1)

How To Tranfer  Beautiful Image with T-Shirt Transfer Paper(1) - GetWin Industrial Co.,LTD

 t-shirt transfer paper

I am so excited to share another Hybrid How To to inspire you to play with your digital supplies away from your computer! This step by step guide was created by crafter extraordinaire Dawn Jackson who will be sharing some hybrid tips and tricks with us. Dawn is a UK based crafter who has just launched her own range of badges, you can check out her lovely Cute PIns badge collectionhere!

Over to Dawn:
“Today I am going to show you how to use t-shirt transfer paper to create fun party favourite bags and t-shirts like these: 

What You Need: These are the materials and basic tools that are required:
 Your chosen doodles or images. I’ve used Kate’s Bring on the Cake Doodles and Alpha and the Freebie Frames from Kate’s Facebook page.   

t-shirt transfer paper

Light T-Shirt transfer paper (this is the brand I used)   

Something to print on, I’ve used 100% cotton white party bags, but you can use anything as long as it’s a light fabric and contains at least 50% cotton.   

Domestic iron or heat pressing   

Scissors or craft knife


Create the design for your project, it can be as simple or complicated as you like! Then using your graphics program or printer setting, print the mirror image of your design onto the plain side of your T-Shirt transfer paper. The image needs to be reversed when you print it – this is especially important if you are including any text in your design! Some printers will have a setting to reverse the image, or you can simply flip it in your image editing software before printing. I have found I get the best results using the standard photo quality setting on my printer.
Let your images dry for a minute or so, then carefully cut out  your design leaving a mm or so around the edge of the image.

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