How To Tranfer Beautiful Image with T-Shirt Transfer Paper(2)

How To Tranfer  Beautiful Image with T-Shirt Transfer Paper(2) - GetWin Industrial Co.,LTD

t-shirt transfer paper

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Next turn on your iron to its highest setting, but don’t use the steam function! You will need to use a hard heat proof surface – I have found a glass worktop saver or a wooden chopping board with a tea towel over the top works well (don’t use your ironing board it’s too soft).
 Place your printed image face down onto your chosen fabric and take your hot iron and press down onto the t-shirt transfer paper. Use a heat pressing action and try not to move the iron around much. Leave for around 20 seconds then lift the iron and press again on another area of the paper. The transfer paper I use has a colour changing indicator on it, but if your doesn’t you can test whether the transfer has fixed by carefully lifting a small area of the backing paper up. If it comes away cleanly, the transfer is ready!
 Leave the transfer to cool for a minute, then starting at one edge carefully lift the backing transfer paper off. Try to lift it off in one smooth action. And that’s all there is to it, your design will be fixed to the fabric!

t-shirt transfer paper

Here are the finished party bags I made for my daughter’s birthday party: 

Try printing onto other cotton items such as T-Shirts, cushion covers, quilt covers etc. Or take your favourite layouts, resize them and then transfer them onto a T-Shirt or apron to create wearable art! All these ideas make lovely, original and personalised gifts!

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