The Features of Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper

The Features of Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper - GetWin Industrial Co.,LTD

sublimation heat transfer paper

Sublimation Heat transfer paper is treated with a special coating to bring out the best in color, eliminate ghosting and increase the efficiency of the heat transfer process, not any other is compared. 

 Eliminate Ghosting with a specially engineered adhesive manufactured in the design of the paper. 

Reduce ink waste, bring out the best in imagery and extensive profiling with a paper that gases ALL ink to the substrate! You can actually limit the ink, saving ink costs and eliminate additional drying issues, while still achieving a larger color gamut.

 Faster dryer times means greater printing speeds without worry and additional money on costly drying equipment or timely processes.Extremely diverse range of sizes and lengths to select from. 

Features & Benefits

Faster dying times.

Greater print speeds. 

Reduce excessive ink limits.

 Greater sublimation color release. 

Improved color gamut.Eliminate ghosting.

 Improved detail and resolution. 

Exceptional quality 95 / 100 / 135 gsm paper.

Transfer paper(95/100/135gsm)  Size  Packing/Core

sublimation heat transfer paper


Dye sublimation inkjet printing technology is becoming popular in various personal and industrial applications.Main uses are as follows: 

1.Digital Textile Sublimation Printing

2.Digital Shoe Sublimation Sampling

3)Advertising Banner Sublimation Inkjet Printing

4)Umbrella Sublimation Inkjet Printing

5.Flag Sublimation Printing

6)Carpet Sublimation Inkjet Printing

7)Shopping Bag Sublimation Printing

8)Uniform Sublimation Transfer Printing

9)T-Shirt Sublimation Transfer Printing

10)Mouse Pad Sublimation Transfer Printing

11)Calender Sublimation Inkjet Printing

12)Key Ring Sublimation Inkjet Printing

13)Mug Sublimation Transfer Printing

14)Ceramic Plate Sublimation Printing

15)Glassware Sublimation Inkjet Printing

16)Wedding Photography Sublimation Output

17)Leather Product Sublimation Printing

18)Wood Product Sublimation Transfer Printing


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