Why is digital sublimation printing the best option for producing custom printed objects?

Why is digital sublimation printing the best option for producing custom printed objects? - GetWin Industrial Co.,LTD

digital sublimation printing

Working phases:- Laser printer and heat transfer paper: A little bit complicated as the transfer paper may get jammed in the printer, destroying the fuser. After the heat treatment, the transfer foil must be peeled off carefully, or else the process may result in waste.

- Direct printing: In order to reach complete adhesion of the paint, some pre-treatment is required in case of most of the raw materials. In some cases a follow-up treatment is also necessary (heat-press ironing, varnishing etc.).
- Sublimation printing on sublimation transfer paper: It is remarkably easy and fast. The printing process is similar to laser printing on transfer paper, but 1: due to the paper type it is almost impossible to get the printer jammed and 2: after the ironing it can be peeled off in an instant without any mistakes.Quality:- Laser printer and transfer paper: The finished printed surface is palpable and slightly more matte and duller than the products prepared with sublimation technique.
digital sublimation printing
 - Direct printing: with the proper dye ink and pre-treatment (and if necessary follow-up treatment) the technique produces a durable product in good quality, but the range of colours is not as wide as in case of sublimation printing technique. The printed surface is palpable and some stronger physical impact may damage the product (e.g. key chains, mugs).
- Sublimation printing on transfer paper: At present it is the most state-of-art digital transfer technology as only the ink gets transferred onto the surface. As no foil is necessary, the printed surface is perfectly homogenous and smooth; the colours are bright and can not be removed by washing, scraping etc. The only downside of the technique is that it can be used only on materials suitable for sublimation printing. (For more details please see the introduction).

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