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dye sublimation printing

Dye-sublimation heat transfer printing in 2009 continues to grow. Printing on textiles became popular between 2001-2005 when people realized you can do this with a normal inkjet printer. For example, the Hewlett-Packard DesignJet printers will print nicely on silk, cotton, canvas, polyester or flag material. For this kind of simple textile printing you need textiles that are pre-coated to receive the inkjet ink. It also helps if the textiles are paper backed. You could not do dye-sublimation with any HP printer, but you could do direct printing on basic fabrics.
The paper backing was needed so that the grit rollers could move the material through the platen (with the help of the pinch rollers above) without skewing, stretching, skipping (stuttering) or otherwise having feeding problems because most fabrics stretch when pulled or don’t move consistently when pushed.

dye sublimation printing
So if you are doing commercial proofing of textile designs, or mass production of textiles with inkjet printers, then you need printers which can handle textiles with special feeding mechanisms (such as DigiFab and Yuhan-Kimberly MC3 Express and Yuhan-Kimberly VU-180).
The ColorSpan textile printer can handle textiles up to 72" wide, but this printer has not been manufactured for many years.
A commercial grade printer for textiles was the RasterGraphics PiezoPrint 5000tx. Since it uses Xaar printheads its resolution is rather low, 309 dpi. This printer has been obsolete for a decade, but was very popular in the last century.

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