Dye Sublimation Paper for tiles, textiles, ceramics and etc

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Dye sublimation heat transfer paper for tiles, textiles, glass, ceramics, T-shirts, coffee mugs, even floor tiles. You can  do dye sublimation heat transfer onto ceramic tiles and other ceramics, glass, wood, floor covering (flooring squares even rugs). Coffee mugs, mouse pads, and T-shirts are other popular items.

 Four of the leading large format printers can be outfitted to handle dye sublimation inks. You have to use these special dye sub inks. As a result several of the more popular printers are inappropriate because they don't take aftermarket inks of any kind.
With the proper printer and inks you can decorate skis, skateboards, snowboards, helmets, gaming tables, table tops, tote bags, and even special material which you can have coated. Just realize that this is dye-based ink, not pigmented ink, so longevity outside in the sun is not forever. But for reasonable longevity, inside, you can get gorgeous results with dye sublimation on wide-format inkjet printers after you use a heat press.

digital textile printing
We are still updating our web pages and FLAAR Reports on all aspects of dye sublimation during 2009.There are two kinds of dye sublimation printer for textiles: direct to fabric which use disperse dye sublimation ink and do the sublimation inside the printer (lower down or in front).

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