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In terms of answering the questions What is Sublimation? as it relates to garments and textiles … Sublimation is the process by which specialized inks are applied with a specialized printer to … you guessed it … specialized paper.  This paper is then placed on a white 100% polyester garment and heat applied to that garment.
The process of Sublimation requires a customized industrial heat press machine that can exceed 400° F with a flat surface area, large enough to accommodate whatever garment or textile is being sublimated, while allowing that item to remain flat during the process.

garment printing
  In short, sublimation is the process of transferring artwok from a heat transfer paper substrate to a fabric substrate using heat that allows the ink to convert into gas and permeate the fabric.
Our sublimation garments have been created specifically for the fashion market, especially for our all over T-shirt printing service. We mainly use a 65% polyester 35% cotton mix which gives you an incredibly soft feeling garment, similar to a tri-blend. Sublimation ink dyes the fabric so you can’t feel the print on our all over print T-shirts at all, it will never crack or fade.
 For more information on the range of garments we can supply for sublimation printing, check out our garment selection.
Sublimation Garments Positioning Guide
Garment Finishing

garment printing
The Finishing Touches
 If you are looking for fully finished garments ready to sell as soon as they arrive then we can also help. We are able to offer the following processes as part of our full Garment Finishing service.
Through our all over T-shirt printing UK service, we really can help create a range that you will be truly proud of and a product that will take your brand to the next level.

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