Sublimation Display Banner with Dye Sublimation Printing

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Sublimation Display Banner

Vinyl banners and fabric banners are key categories in the banner display category,which is qulite helpful for us to understand the difference of these materials which is availble for banner display printing.Vinyl banners are made of polyvinyl chloride material. They are mostly prepared in a roll and are printed on a large format digital printing machine. Screen printing is not common with vinyl or PVC.10 oz., 13 oz., 15 oz., and 18 oz are the most common available weights.Ounces reflect the heaviness of the banner per square yard. The heavier the banner, the more durable it is. But, the important thing to consider is how you properly do the installation, especially with outdoor banners. Proper installation can determine how long the display can last and/or hold on. With vinyl objects, they commonly embody a block-out layer in between sides so as to allow printing on both sides avoiding any shadow appearance at the backside.
The mesh vinyl banner is one type of PVC material.This type has slits in the surface, or a perforated type of display. It is imprinted with the use of a back sheet to stop ink from messing all over on the printing plate of the printer. The slits are designed to aid the passage of wind, thereby lowering the wind load on the banner to around 10% - 20%.Now,let us talk about fabric banners.The cloth material is consist of nylon, polyester, or some other synthetic fabric. Most, if not all, are printed with graphics with the process called dye sublimation printing with sublimation transfer paper.On the other hand, there are still cloth banners, which you can find in the streets, impressed with graphic designs through screen printing, especially if it involves a high volume of displays to be done.

Sublimation Display Banner
Display Banners with Dye sublimation Printing
Cloth banners with dye sublimation printing is hot sale in the market.The print result is way too classy as compared to the vinyl ones. In fact, most high end trade shows make use of sublimated fabric banners as displays, particularly those companies who don't want to give a cheap impression.The display banners printing process involves both pressure and heat to embed the dye from a transfer paper to the fabric material. In the past years, direct to substrate through dye sublimation printing began to capture the fabric banner industry due to the fact that it does printing simply through pressure and heat. The whole process completes at a faster pace. This is why more and more print shops are shifting to this kind of printer.In the category of fabric, the key difference lies in the materials used. Cloth fabrics suitable for dye sub imprinting include nylon, acrylic, stretchy fabric, polyester, and satin. There are many variations of polyester - they can be sheer or can look like cotton.Obviously, you can have a lot of alternatives for printed cloth banners - direct to substrate, screen printing, or dye sublimation printing. One last note, dye sublimation banners are absolutely suitable for indoor use.

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