All Hot Forms of Heat Press Transfer Paper (1)

All Hot Forms of Heat Press Transfer Paper (1) - GetWin Industrial Co., LTD

heat press transfer paper

Heat press transfer paper comes in a lot of paper forms to suit the imprint system utilised, as well as the solution the imprint is transferred to. Regular heat transfers are screen printed, but modern transfers could be printed by inkjets and laser printers utilizing unique papers. The fundamental function of all heat transfer papers is to "transfer" the printed image onto an item by use of heat and pressure.
 Hot-split Screen Printed Transfer Papers
Hot-split transfer papers for screen printing are coated with silicone, and are removed straight away after heat and stress application. Hot-split transfers leave a smaller quantity of ink on the paper immediately after peeling, making a softer really feel to the imprint because the ink film has been "split".
 Cold-peel Screen Printed Transfer Papers
Cold-peel transfer paper for screen printing can be a parchment paper. It is actually permitted to cool slightly soon after application, and produces a brighter imprint as a result of complete ink film transfer. Screen printed cold-peel transfers really feel far more like direct screen printing, having a slight rubbery really feel for the image.

heat press transfer paper
 Inkjet Printed Transfer Papers
Inkjet transfer papers are printed with unique inkjet "sublimation" inks. Sublimation transfers the ink from the paper to the item when ink is heated into a gaseous state. Sublimation transfers create an extremely soft imprint feel on fabric,but are also used to imprint specially-coated tough goods for instance mugs, and other decorative, promotional, and utility things. Each warm and cold-peel sublimation solutions might be employed based on the item becoming imprinted. Sublimation transfers can only be applied to polyester-coated surfaces, or garments with a higher polyester content material. Because the ink is transferred as a gas, the imprint penetrates the polyester much like a dye, and is quite permanent.

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