Sublimation Beach Flag With Fast Dry Sublimation Transfer Paper

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sublimation beach flag

100GSM Fast Dry Sublimation Transfer Paper:

Transfer Color is very Vivid.

This kind paper a little thinker, so it can pick up much more ink. paper is stronger.

Not easy to have the wove when you print. It is great paper. suit for all the polyester textile, Mugs,Beach flags...

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sublimation beach flag


Instant DrySmear and Water Proof2880dpi, Vivid Colour QualityHigh BrightnessAll Inkjet Printers Compatible
Full Instructions for Use Attached:

1.Working condition :                                         

Temperature : 190  ° c --- 200  ° c  (not recommended to work at temperature above 200 ° c )

Time :10 sec. to 30 sec.  ( depending on the type of  press )

Pressure : Medium to Low ( high pressure .dull and marks the varnish )

2.Application :   Ceramic mugs | Water bottles | Coasters | Metals | Magnetic sheets | Plaques | Name badges | License plates | Car flags | Mouse pads | Fabric puzzles | Ceramic tiles | Glass tiles | Poker chips | 100% polyester shirts and more!

3.Suitable Ink :  Sublimation Ink 

4.Suitable Printers :

All type of  Inkjet Printers 

5. Advantage   

1) Sublimation is one of the very few methods you can print full colored images onto hard surfaces.

2) It has a relatively low learning curve compared with screen printing.

3) Almost unlimited colors to choose from. Thousands of colors can be produced with sublimation (even if you choose a 4 color printer). And it doesn’t cost extra to add additional colors to your design.

fast dry sublimation transfer paper


(1)Print images by sublimation in on TAC paper and wait until ink is dry.

(2)Place the printed face on the textile, heat and press them by flat or roller heat machine under the temperature of 200°C to 220°C for 20s-25s. At this time our paper will stick on the textile.

(3)After heating, wait until paper and textile cooling and tear off the paper from the textile. You will fined the image is transferred to the textile clearly.

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