Fast Dry Sublimation Transfer Paper for Sublimation Phone Case

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sublimation phone cases

On the contemporary society, it is the era of pursuing the personalize,phone case is not exceptional.Hence,the printing technology of sublimation moblie phone case with dye sublimation ink and 100gsm fast dry sublimation transfer paper occurs.This kind of sublimation mobile phone covers are made of high-quality plastic material, which can provide strong protection and more glamour for your mobile phone. It could bring more protective than any other mobile phone covers. Still could be personalized by sublimation.

sublimation phone cases
What you need for sublimation phone case :
1). 1 set of Heat press
2). 1 set of Epson inkjet printer
3). Sublimation ink
4). Sublimation paper/inkjet paper
5). Blank sublimation cases
6). Heat resistant tape

sublimation phone cases
Making process:
(1) Get images from digital camera, memory card or scanner.
(2) Print image with heat transfer paper and sublimation ink
(3) Stick the imaged paper on the Aluminum board surface by heat resistant tape.
(4) Use the heat press machine to transfer the image onto Aluminum board.
(5) Tear off the image paper on the Aluminum board after transferring.
(6) Stick the finished aluminum board to the plastic cover by tearing off the adhesive attached to this cover.
(7) Enjoy your personal designed cute case!

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