What kind of materials are needed for sublimation printing?

What kind of  materials are needed for sublimation printing? - GetWin Industrial Co., LTD

dye sublimation printing

3D sublimation vacuum heat press machines: The vacuum heat pressing machine types vacuum around the printed solution, this way the transfer paper covers the item perfectly smoothly even on rough or curved surfaces. With this method 3 dimensional objects may be printed in exceptional photo high quality. Similar towards the combo machines this machine is also multi-purpose, because it is able to heat-treat mugs, plates and flat objects also.

dye sublimation printing
Roll sublimation heat transfer machine: Best for largescale, roll sublimation textile printing. In online mode it continuously transfers sublimation ink into the surface of textilerolls beneath the largeformat printer. You will discover two kinds of heat transfer machines: heating drum machines (so-called calanders) and heatransfer machines with infrared heating components. 
In case of calanders the heater unit is in direct speak to together with the printed textile (the textile fabric strains onto the 180 ??Crotating drum) and makes use of sublimation transfer paper, when in infrared heating machines the heating wires aren't inmake contact with with the prints and textiles. Each sorts offer related quality and printing speed, but the infrared heating kind has reduced energy consumption.

dye sublimation printing
Blank promotional objects, gifts and textiles:Glass, ceramic, metal and paper merchandise with sublimation coating, and all synthetic (polyester, polyamide, etc.) textiles. Some examples of blank sublimation solutions: ceramic mugs, glass mugs, essential chains, lighters, plates,jigsaw puzzles, mouse pads, cushions, white T-shirts, women's tops, sportswear and so forth. Also - as we saw at ourclientele - you will find nonetheless plenty of other doable strategies to utilize sublimation printing. The only criterion for the printed surface: it must be made of a compatible material and it should bear a high temperature (150-180 C) for at the very least 20-100 seconds without the need of considerable deformation.

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