Wide range of applications wins fans for sublimation printing(3)

Wide range of applications wins fans for sublimation printing(3)- GetWin Industrial Co., LTD

dye sublimation paper

Dye sublimation is an ideal approach to advertise your corporation brand for the reason that it can be so dependable and useful.Dye sublimation starts by using a digital printer and dye to print a graphic on a particular sort of paper.Then this graphic is transferred by using heat and stress to your fabric of selection.When the ink is transferred, it sublimates into the fabric.Once the method is over, the printed fabric will possess a graphic which has bold lovely colors which can be long lasting.

New uses for old kit

You don’t need to buy new either. Old aqueous inkjet machines can be converted to run aftermarket dye-sub inks – though not any that have previously run solvent or eco-solvent. There is also a market starting to emerge for secondhand machines.

 Vendors include familiar names such as Durst, EFI (via its recent acquisition of Italian textile printer manufacturer Reggiani), Epson, Mimaki, Mutoh, Ricoh and Roland DG. There are also more specialist suppliers such as Dgen and Sawgrass. 

Broadly the market divides into two categories, cut-sheet desktop machines and wide-format roll-to-roll devices. Ricoh dominates the desktop market with its A4 3110 and A3 7100 series, versions of which are also sold by Sawgrass under its Virtuoso brand. These are aimed at product decoration and some small-format placement print onto smaller textiles. 

dye sublimation printing

Entry-level wide-format systems are available from the likes of Epson, Mimaki, Mutoh, Ricoh and Roland DG, starting with the 25in systems. There is currently a flurry of excitement about Sawgrass’ Virtuoso VJ628 as a stepping-stone for firms currently using desktop kit.

The advantages of roll-fed machines over the sheetfed desktops are the ability to produce larger products, bigger batches of smaller items and lower costs. 

“The big seller for us is the SC-F6000, a 44in-wide dye-sub machine that costs £5,000 and can be used for both objects and textiles,” says Epson’s McMullin.

dye sublimation printing

Mimaki’s JV and CJV ranges can be configured with dye sublimation inks. The 1.3m-wide machines start from under £10,000. 

“The CJV (C stands for cutter) is useful for product decoration and placement print as you can cut the transfer paper to size precisely using the printer, that eliminates a manual step,” says Woodall

Beyond that, wider and faster machines are more suited to textile production with common widths of 1.8m and 3.2m.

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