Will I need to dedicate my printer to sublimation paper?

Will I need to dedicate my printer to sublimation paper? - GetWin Industrial Co., LTD

sublimation printing paper

Yes . If you have other printing work to do, with standard sublimation inks, then you will need a different printer.As official distributors for Sawgrass Technologies dye sublimation ink, we are able to offer Sublijet IQ, Sublijet R and ArTanium UV+ for use in specific Epson and Ricoh printers (refer to ink price list). The majority of our customers are working with Sublijet IQ, renowned for its vibrancy and quality. It has the added advantage of coming complete with PowerDriver colour management software for ease of use and consistent printing.

sublimation printing paper
Alternatively, you may choose Artainium UV+ ink or Sublijet R - the new formulation of Sublijet for the Ricoh Aficio series of printers. With a choice of inks and a selection of A2, A3 and A4 printers plus the option of 4 through to 8 colour systems there is something to suit everyone. Please feel free to contact us to discuss which printer/ink selection will work best for you. Each business differs so as well as prices we can give you other specifications to enable you to make the right choice to suit your requirements.
What about my PC specifications and what software will I need?Most PCs, purchased during the last few years, should suffice and we generally use CorelDraw, Illustrator or Adobe PhotoShop software. If you contact us we can discuss what you may already have available to you and what may possibly be required.
I’ve never done any printing before. Is it difficult?No. If you are reasonably familiar with using a graphics programme, then you should find the process quick & easy. There are no messy or time consuming preparations and the Heat Transfer Presses are straightforward to use.

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