The Introduction To Digital Sublimation Printing

The Introduction To Digital Sublimation Printing - GetWin Industrial Co., LTD 


digital sublimation printingDye Sublimation Transfer is a process where you use an image that has been created digitally. This can be done several ways. Either by scanning a photograph or downloading a picture taken with a digital camera or an image created in a piece of imaging software like Adobe Photoshop.  


Sub Transfer

A full color digital print technology that works with polyester substrates and polymer coated substrates. Sublimation dyes are carried via liquid ink or gel ink through a piezo-electric print head and deposited on a high-release inkjet paper to then be transferred onto the substrates.The print technology requires a combination of time, temperature and pressure to “transfer” the sublimation dyes into the polyester molecules on the substrate from the high-release inkjet paper. The conventional equipment for transferring a sublimation transfer is a heat press.The result of this process is a virtually permanent full color, high-resolution print that will not crack, fade or peel from the substrate under normal conditions. Most sublimation dyes start to sublimate at 350 degrees Fahrenheit but 380-420 degrees is recommended for most substrates to attain maximum color

digital sublimation printing


Digital sublimation printing works on white and light colored, polyester or poly coated substrates. Athletic textiles, sports performance apparel, ceramic products and poly coated fiber reinforced plastic are some of the main product categories. Digital sublimation printing is also used in the creation of trade show displays, snowboards, skis and skateboards.

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